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1922 viewsGeophysicist Bill Hyndman and Don Schmitt discuss things 2006.Jun 19, 2009
2142 viewsArchaeologists arrive at debris field for 2006 dig. Arrow points the direction that the gouge alleged to have been left by the "skipping" UFO.Jun 19, 2009
1654 viewsVolunteers dig the old Foster Ranch debris field site again in 2006 for the SciFi Channel TV show, "SciFi Investigates".Jun 19, 2009
1447 viewsA member of the local livestock population left a going-away "present" for us on the final day of our 2006 dig.Jun 19, 2009
1765 viewsAn archaeologist's favorite tool, a backhoe was brought in on the final day of the 2002 dig.Jun 19, 2009
1909 viewsGeophysicist Bill Hyndman his crew about to perform an electro-conductive reading of the debris field site 2002.Jun 19, 2009
2200 viewsJuly 7, 1947: artist's conception of Maj. Jesse Marcell [kneeling], rancher Mack Brazel [pointing] and CIC Capt. Sheridan Cavitt on the debris field.Jun 19, 2009
2474 viewsThe cattle shed where Mack Brazel stored some of the wreckage in 1947 is no longer there.Jun 19, 2009
2906 views"Trenching" in the 2006 dig.Jun 19, 2009
2036 viewsThe stone marker that commemorates the alleged crash of a UFO on the Foster Ranch debris field site in July 1947. The marker was commissioned in 2003.
Jun 19, 2009
2045 viewsCarey [L] and Schmitt on the debris field site in 2006.Jun 19, 2009
1682 views"Two track" road near the debris field. The "Pump Station" is in the background.Jun 19, 2009
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