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1567 viewsDon Schmitt and Tom Carey at the Foster Ranch crash site in 2002.33333
(8 votes)
2066 viewsArchaeologists arrive at debris field for 2006 dig. Arrow points the direction that the gouge alleged to have been left by the "skipping" UFO.33333
(9 votes)
1283 viewsDigging at the Foster Ranch UFO crash site during the shooting of "SciFi Investigates" in 2006.33333
(6 votes)
2176 views"The Gouge" - note "V"-shape of soil discoloration exactly where eyewitnesses said that saw a gouge in the soil after the UFO crash.33333
(11 votes)
1754 viewsLeft to right, Don Schmitt, Dr. Bill Doleman [site archaeological director] Larry Landsman [SciFi Channel creative executive] and Tom Carey at the start of the 2002 dig.33333
(8 votes)
2401 viewsThe cattle shed where Mack Brazel stored some of the wreckage in 1947 is no longer there.33333
(16 votes)
1975 viewsCarey [L] and Schmitt on the debris field site in 2006.22222
(14 votes)
1839 viewsGeophysicist Bill Hyndman his crew about to perform an electro-conductive reading of the debris field site 2002.22222
(11 votes)
1637 viewsNancy Easley Johnson [standing], daughter of RAAF Major Edwin Easley who secured the crash site in after the UFO crash, during the 2002 dig on the Foster Ranch.22222
(8 votes)
1395 viewsSite of the three archaeological digs, the former J.B. Foster Ranch site [aka the Brazel Ranch or debris field site] where it all began in July 1947, as it appears today.22222
(6 votes)
1677 viewsSocorro, NM historian Paul Harden [L] points out something of interest to Don Schmitt at the Foster Ranch UFO crash site. 22222
(7 votes)
1437 viewsScreening for archaeological artifacts in 2006.22222
(9 votes)
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